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Exploring the Versatility and Performance of OM3 LC to SC Fiber Patch Cables

Exploring the Versatility and Performance of OM3 LC to SC Fiber Patch Cables

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What is an OM3 LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable?

Vandesail LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable is a high-performance optical fiber connectivity solution boasting remarkable features.  Firstly, it incorporates a high-purity silica core, ensuring low latency, high bandwidth, and exceptional signal quality, making it suitable for a wide range of data transmission needs, including data centers, enterprise networks, and communication systems.  Secondly, our OM3 Fiber Patch Cable comes equipped with cutting-edge Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) connector technology, guaranteeing minimal insertion loss and optimal signal transmission performance, thereby providing a stable and reliable connection while reducing the risk of signal interference and data loss.  Additionally, the cable features a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket for flame retardancy, ensuring it does not emit harmful gases or smoke in the event of a fire—an essential safety feature, especially in indoor network environments. Furthermore, its small bend radius makes it ideal for use in tight spaces and complex cabling scenarios, simplifying cabling in data centers and equipment rooms.  Most importantly, this fiber optic cable complies with the OM3 multimode fiber standard, meeting high-speed data transmission requirements like Gigabit Ethernet and optical communication, providing ample bandwidth and performance reserves for future network upgrades.  In conclusion, our LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable is versatile and perfect for various applications, including data center interconnects, enterprise intranets, telecommunications networks, broadcast systems, and security systems, making it an ideal choice whether you're establishing a new network or upgrading an existing one. Invest in the future with confidence by choosing our LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable to enhance your network's performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  1. High Data Transfer Rates: OM3 fiber is optimized for laser-driven equipment, making it capable of supporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 300 meters.
  2. Multimode Fiber: OM3 is a multimode fiber, allowing it to carry multiple light modes simultaneously, ideal for data center and LAN applications.
  3. LC Connector: The LC connector is known for its small form-factor, making it perfect for high-density network environments.
  4. SC Connector: The SC connector provides a secure and stable connection, known for its simplicity and durability.


  • Data Centers: OM3 LC to SC cables are extensively used in data centers for connecting servers, switches, and storage devices, ensuring high-speed data transfer.
  • Local Area Networks (LANs): These cables are ideal for backbone installation in LANs, supporting high data rates required in corporate and academic networks.
  • Telecommunications: The OM3 LC to SC patch cable is often used in telecom networks to connect fiber optic equipment and to facilitate high-speed internet and data services.

Why Choose OM3 LC to SC Cables?

  • Versatility: The combination of LC and SC connectors allows these cables to connect a wide range of network devices.
  • Performance: They provide superior bandwidth and speed, essential for modern, data-intensive applications.
  • Scalability: As networks grow and evolve, these cables can support higher data rates, making them a future-proof investment.