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Industrial Fiber Optic Connectors Overview - Applications and Different Types

Industrial Fiber Optic Connectors Overview - Applications and Different Types

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Industrial fiber optic cables are becoming ever more present as they allow for operation in extremely low temperatures, mechanically abusive installations, and highly caustic and acidic environments. However, when considering fiber optic cables for the industrial environment, how the fiber optic cable is terminated, is a key factor in addition to the resistance to temperatures, abrasion, UV and lubricants. In this situation, industrial connectors are playing an indispensable role due to their water, dust and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the content below briefly introduces the industrial fo connectors and two major types of the popular Rosenberger connectors - Q-RMC connector and NEX10 connector, hoping it can be a good reference for you.

Industrial Fiber Optic Connectors Overview

For a long time, traditional connecting devices provided guaranteed service for users in a typical office environment, however, the performance and reliability of these devices such as fiber optic connectors can be degraded when exposed to extreme conditions, leaving end-users with high maintenance costs to troubleshoot and replace components. Therefore, a new type of connector was specifically designed to build a robust fiber connection in harsh environments. This type of connector is made to be tougher, stronger, and more resilient than traditional connecting devices and this new interface, widely known as an "industrial connector", has applications beyond manufacturing. Industrial connectors can be used in an outdoor environment where there are devices with a fiber optic interface installed, such as cellular towers, small cells, minefields, FTTH/FTTA, etc.

Different Industrial Fiber Optic Connectors

In industrial and outdoor applications, all components and devices should provide better resistance to environmental conditions. Therefore, choosing the right fiber optic cables and connectors is very important. FS introduces the industrial fiber optic patch cables with Rosenberger Q-RMC connector or NEX10 connector, which are specially designed for the use of the industrial site, minefield, 5G base station, broadcast, smart grid cabling, etc. The following content explains the two types of fo connectors and their major benefits.

Rosenberger NEX10 Connector

Rosenberger NEX10 connector is exquisitely-designed for water, dust and corrosion resistance. The connector supports screw locking and a push-pull locking mechanism. The screw locking helps the plug and socket to keep a firm connection; the push-pull quick-locking helps achieve solid installation and easy removal without any tools. Other than that, it has a red mark alignment which allows you to quickly complete the blind-mating connection. Its special design also prevents any damage in the event of cable movement or vibration, for frequencies up to 20 GHz, the robust and highly compact NEX10 interface standard provides a safe, easy, and damage-free connection while minimizing interference from PIM (Passive Intermodulation). Rosenberger NEX10 connector can be used as a flexible and convenient industrial connector in a fiber optic network, where there are devices with a fiber optic interface installed in an outdoor environment. The compact size design interface can be used in existing and future networks, such as industrial sites, minefields, small sells, distributed antenna systems(DAS), in-building architecture, and MIMO.


Two possible mechanical connections – screw type and push-pull, providing flexibility during installation

Frequency range DC up to 20 GHz

IP67 rating waterproof and dustproof

Corrosion resistance - comply with IEC 61300-2-26 & pass the 720h salt mist

Red mark alignment function for fast blind-mating connection

Operating temperature is between -40°C~+80°C (depending on cable types)


The wide diversity that exists in industrial environments has led to the need to develop new products that need to be tailored to ensure performance under very specific conditions to meet the needs of multiple market segments. The right cables and connectors can help ensure the reliability of the system and the ideal system operation, other than that, they can also provide effective and more trusted structures, facilitating system deployment and reducing the need for maintenance that may lead to customer loss. FS provides customized industrial fiber optic patch cables, with Rosenberger industrial connectors, ensuring a stable connection for your networks. For more information, please visit our website FS.com.