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VANDESAIL OM5 LC to SC Fiber Optic Cable Duplex 40/100GB Jumper Optical Patch Cord 50/125

$7.99 USD


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OM5 LC-SC Fiber Optic Patch Cable Multimode 40/100Gb is designed for the future 200/400 Gigabit networks with a full backwards compatibility with the existing 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet networks. Features a lime green jacket for easy OM5 identification.

It has a better Maximum Transmission Distance - 40Gb Ethernet Distance of 440Meters at 850nm; 100Gb Ethernet Distance of 300Meters at 850nm. The OM5 fiber cord maintains 100% backwards compatibility with the 850nm wavelength used by OM3/OM4. As your network upgrades to faster 100/400Gb speeds,this robust cable won't need to be replaced.

This cable have a 7.5mm Minimum Bend Radius,which is Insensitive to bending,easy peeling,easy welding,ensures small optical loss and stable transmission (insertion loss≤0.3dB,return loss ≥30dB.),Ideal for SAN network cabinets that require 20 or more bends in the cabinet or high-density installations with cables crammed into an extremely small footprint.

UPC polish and high quality zirconia ceramic ferrules with high return loss,low insertion loss,and low attenuation features,provide precise alignment to ensure the signal integrity.

Notice: 1.the length is customizable,just contact me if you connnot find a suitable length on the list.

Fiber Specifications:

Fiber Type: LC to SC ensures seamless connectivity between a variety of networking devices.
Fiber Count: Duplex design enables simultaneous two-way data transmission, maximizing network efficiency.
Polish Type: UPC to UPC for low insertion loss and high return loss, contributing to outstanding signal quality.
Cable Diameter: A sleek 2.0mm diameter for easy routing and flexibility in dense networking infrastructures.
Performance Excellence:

Wavelength: Optimized for both 850nm and 1300nm, making it ideal for applications that require a broad range of wavelength support.
Bandwidth: Impressive bandwidth capability of 4700 to 6000 MHz·km at 850nm to accommodate high-speed data requirements.
Attenuation: Exhibits low signal loss with attenuation at 3.0 dB/km at 850nm and 1.0 dB/km at 1300nm, ensuring signal fidelity over long distances.
Durability and Installation Flexibility:

Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Core): Designed with a minimal 7.5mm bend radius for the fiber core, allowing for tight bends without compromising signal integrity.
Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable): The cable maintains its integrity and performance with a 20D/10D (Dynamic/Static) bend radius, suitable for both dynamic configurations and static installations.

Our OM5 LC to SC fiber optic cable stands at the forefront of high-speed data transmission, providing a robust and efficient solution for advanced networking setups. Its superior performance and flexibility make it the ideal choice for a wide range of communication applications.

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